The new geek culture dedicated spaces available in Migros Geneva shops.
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A geek concept for Migros Geneva shops

MGeek is a corner in 18 Migros Geneva shops where consumers can find mugs, figurines, decorations, lamps and Funko Pop! etc. all based on their favourite licences and characters from the world of pop culture. Stranger Things, Disney, Minecraft, Pokémon and Dragon Ball, they’re all there!

MGeek has been designed to satisfy all age groups and fans. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or just an enthusiast of a particular licence, you’ll find something to make you happy.

The range on offer meets market and consumer expectations, with a mix of new and old licences.

With its youthful, trendy look and feel, MGeek is easy to spot in shops, creating spaces that can be identified from afar.

In addition to the dedicated spaces, MGeek will serve as a reference for future campaigns dedicated to pop culture in Migros Geneva shops. From the creation of immersive pop-up stores to communication on social networks, MGeek is becoming the cooperative’s geek reference.

Where to find MGeek?