It’s a first in Europe! The world’s leader streaming platform introduced itself in the retail sector, thanks to a unique and immersive layout conceptualized by Buzz Attitude in the Carrefour hypermarkets.
Retail experience

An interactive & immersive shopping experience


Plunge into Netflix’s flagship series!

For its first European introduction in the retail sector, Netflix mandated Buzz Attitude to create a space dedicated to its most famous TV-shows such as Stranger Things, The Witcher and Squid Game. Thanks to an immersive layout, interactive activations and as well as a comprehensive range of products, each customer will be invited to plunge into Netflix’s universe.  

Thanks to a strong storytelling based on Netflix’s universe, each customer will be immersed into its favorite shows through the displayed products and the interactive campaign.

This space has been conceptualized as a whole, mixing but distinguishing each show, with their own features and strengths, in order to be the most meaningful for the shopper.

Finding out their role in the Witcher, participating in a big contest or challenging the French on an Arcade game… Interactive activations create stories, stories creates memories.

About ten influencers promoted the campaign on their social networks. Thanks to their diversified profiles and the multiple platforms used, we ensured a real optimization of the global coverage.